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Oct 8, 2016

Welcome to Episode 21 of The Guitar Speak Podcast.

Today we give a shout out to Michael Katselos and Storm Front Touring for putting on the amazing Gary Moore Remembered concert. We spoke to Michael about the show in Episode 18 and when we attended the gig this week we were blown away!

Our main interview this week is with David Steedman, General Manager of Maton Guitars, an iconic Australian company celebrating 70 years of guitar manufacturing.

We also get to hear some of Michael Fix's new album, "Bending Air". Michael is a good friend of The Guitar Speak Podcast (we interviewed him in Episode 3) and a proud Maton endorser. Check out his wonderful Maton signature series guitar.

Today's episode is brought to you by Michael Dolce's 2016 Funk/Fusion Masterclass Tour.

Thanks for listening in, remember you can find all of our episodes at, iTunes and Stitcher.