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May 28, 2017


When Brett Williams joined Australian rock band The Choirboys in 1987 his timing couldn't have been better. The band was on the cusp of recording "Big, Bad Noise" which went on to be one of the best selling Australian albums of the 1980s.

Brett's trademark melodic style helped propel hits such as "Run to Paradise", "Boys Will Be Boys" and "Struggletown" to the top of Australian charts.

We talk through Brett's career; starting in Brisbane, his year in LA as a student at GIT, moving to Sydney to join the Choirboys, making iconic video clips in the 80s, vintage Les Pauls and much more.

Thanks to Jay Parrino (Guitar Speak Podcast Episode 20) who set up this interview. Jay also makes a cameo to talk about an upcoming run of shows with Brett.


Jay Parrino Guitar Speak Podcast Episode 20


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