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Aug 21, 2017

We continue our conversations with some of the world class musicians featuring at the 2017 Sydney Guitar Festival.

Van Larkins' childhood obsession for sonic manipulation of kitchen utensils fortunately led him to the guitar. Van has become a highly respected proponent of contemporary acoustic playing - signed to the iconic Candyrat Records label - and has built a career through his polyphonic approach. Van is one of the artists featured in the 'Acoustic Uprising' documentary and will be playing a set at the Sydney premier of the film.

Fiona Boyes is an Australian blues icon. She has a recording career of over 25 years and regularly tours Australia, the United States and Europe. Fiona came to guitar via a deep love and knowledge of the history and regional influences of the blues. She talks us through her development from acoustic country blues into electric Chicago styles and more, meeting Hubert Sumlin, breaking down doors in the States and her arsenal of instruments. Oh, yeah...Fiona recorded her latest album at Skywalker Ranch in California!

Adam Miller saw the instrumental possibilities of the guitar after hearing Tommy Emmanual on cassette. Before long he was opening shows for Emmanual. Adam is equally adept at contrapuntal solo acoustic and atmospheric electric jazz. He is constantly touring the globe - we had to call him in Japan - and has garnered considerable critical acclaim through his genre busting approach.