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Four things we learnt from Andy Timmons

Feb 28, 2017

Four things we learnt from Andy Timmons

on The Guitar Speak Podcast



The Andy Timmons Band’s latest release - View from a Perfect World - inhabits a compelling meeting place of composition, performance and tone.

Timmons recently spoke in depth about the album to the Guitar Speak Podcast. Here is what we learnt:

1/ Keep it in the family

View from a Perfect World was co-produced by Timmons and long-time ATB bassist, Mike Daane. Drum duties were shared between original drummer, Mitch Marine and current trio member Dan Wojceichowski. The tracks capture the vibe of a band who has logged hundreds of stage and studio hours together. Soulful keyboards were added by Rich Martin, a mutual friend of Timmons and Daane.

2/ Change the rules

Whilst the last two ATB releases, Resolution and Andy Timmons Band plays Sgt Peppers, were intentionally single guitar power trio performances, Timmons and Daane dropped this restriction for the new record. “We gave ourselves the toy box back”, says Timmons, “I think it’s important to keep going in new directions”. The resulting overdubs aren’t overcooked, but certainly add texture and counterpoint.

3/ You are what you eat

The album’s title track is inspired in name and aesthetic by Timmons’ love of Todd Rundgren’s classic pop-prog album, Utopia. “Why not have a piece that goes through a few different movements…it’s a blast to play”, says Timmons. Likewise, other compositions channel inspiration from The Who, Brian Wilson and the Foo Fighters - “My favourite new band!” quipped Timmons. The tracks reveal Timmons' sonic absorption whilst retaining his voice.

4/ The tone-quest never ends

Timmons penchant for crafting exquisite guitar tones is well known and he expanded the toolbox for View from a Perfect World. A P90 equipped Gibson SG Special, strung with 12s, was employed for Townsend-ian clang. Vintage Strats were acquired. Check out the gorgeous neck pickup tones during ‘On Your Way Sweet Soul’, courtesy of a 1960 hardtail Stratocaster. One of Timmons’ favourite moments from the album is the octave fuzz solo on ‘Winterland’: created with a ’65 Strat plugged into Marshall via Timmons’ signature GNI Vintage Distortion pedal. Timmon’s well played Ibanez AT signature series guitars were on hand and spectacularly used for thicker rock tones.

Listen to the full podcast interview here.

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Matt Wakeling - February 2017