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Jun 5, 2021

Ian S. Port joins us to discuss his fascinating book "The Birth of Loud" in depth. It is a brilliant read following the arms race to electrify the solid body electric guitar - a race spearheaded by Les Paul and Leo Fender. 

“A hot-rod joy ride through mid-20th-century American history. With appropriately flashy prose, [Port] dismantles some misconceptions and credits some nearly forgotten but key figures. He also summons, exuberantly and perceptively, the look, sound, and sometimes smell of pivotal scenes and songs. The Birth of Loud rightfully celebrates an earlier time, when wood, steel, copper wire, microphones and loudspeakers could redefine reality. Tracing material choices that echoed through generations, the book captures the quirks of human inventiveness and the power of sound.”

John Pareles, New York Times Book Review.

This episode was first published in December 2019.


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Fretboard Biology - the online guitar college created by Joe Elliott, ex Head of Guitar at GIT and McNally Smith Music College.

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GSP #154 with The Pedal Movie Directors Michael Lux and Dan Orkin


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